New era! ” battleground 5 ” address of official direct seeding has left at present sow

” battleground 5 ” was about to release first prevue at 4 o’clock at before dawn of Beijing time tomorrow, as it happens will be Saturday tomorrow, if you plan tonight overnight word, might as well issue the direct seeding tomorrow alertly.

This address is above ” battleground ” Twitch government channel, what broadcast now is ” battleground ” series game history, just will broadcast formally at 4 o’clock tomorrow morning ” battleground 5 ” first prevue. Pursue as follows, reviewed to ordinal at 8 o’clock meeting at 3 o’clock afternoon from BT time ” battleground: 1942 ” , ” battleground 2 ” , ” battleground: Traitorous company 2 ” , ” battleground 3 ” , ” battleground: Tough fight ” and ” battleground 4 ” .

” battleground ” first game is ” battleground 1942 ” , 2002 put on sale, landed PC and Mac. Also can see from the name, first game is setting of World War II. End nevertheless at present ” battleground ” series has rolled out 11 game, share 12 patulous bags. And the setting set of game also is very extensive, arrive again to modern war to Vietnam war from World War II the prospective war of 22 centuries (” battleground 2142 ” ) have involve.

The area is commented on on Twitch at present already scamper boil, holding all sorts of languages to include Japanese, russian, english come from the whole world the player of each countries and area is awaiting stirring this momently.

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