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In various cake, zhi person cake is a most popular kind, also be a very welcome kind, call cheese cake again, place of this kind of cake contains nutrition very rich, contain rich egg albumin for instance, still have lecithin additionally, still contain calcic phosphor iron and vitamin A to wait a moment, but should remind everybody to notice, zhi person cake is contained commonly cholesterol and adipose, the person that fears to gain flesh so cannot eat too much, so is the woman in lactation when whether can you eat Zhi person cake?

Can lactation eat Zhi person cake?

Can lactation eat Zhi person cake?

The lactation growth to darling for development, it is an important period. In this phase the woman of lactation should pay attention to food all the more, grow for the health of darling the avoid certain food that should have period of time. Treasure Mom wants in this important periodShanghai Long Feng forum

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Comply with the doctor’s proposal, inedible thing is determined notNew love Shanghai is the same as a city1000 beautiful nets of Shanghai

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Eat, grow to darling good thing wants as far as possible eat more. So, can lactation eat Zhi person cake?

Can lactation eat Zhi person cake?

Lactation can eat Zhi person cake

Zhi person renown cheese, it is a variety of breast those who make provision is appellative, have sundry1000 beautiful community of Shanghai

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flavour, mouthfeel and form. Cheese in order to suckle kind for raw material, contain rich protein and fat to pledge, lacteal source includes goat of an ox, buffalo, home or sheep to wait. The female of lactation is but1000 beautiful nets of Shanghai

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In order to eat Zhi person cake, zhi person and cheese contain protein and calcium to pledge. The woman of lactation is absolutely eatable, and need eats, right amount edible is good. If do not like,have such taste of course, can drink milk, yoghurt, milk powder is replaced etc.

Can lactation eat Zhi person cake?

What cannot lactation eat

Lying the mom of lactation, reach oneself health consider for the health of darling right now, avoid by all means devouringly. Place of lactation inedible stuff includes variety more, but do not disrelish a trouble in everyday life, dietary respect should become a few considerations more.

Heat preservation must be strengthened during confinement, at ordinary times food should be given priority to with delicate, nutrition, eat the food of excitant, raw or cold food less. Treasure Mom nurses the thing that should notice that he cannot eat a milk, be like leek, malt etc, food wants delicate, avoid is acrimony, drink water more.

The body of lactation mom and new student the body is same, it is very important, after the nutrient up to mark that has mother only, darling ability is OK in the milk from mom, absorb enough nutrition, will undertake growth development. What so treasure Mom must pay attention to oneself and darling is healthy, let darling have enough timeSh1f of Shanghai Long Feng forum

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Will undertake growing.

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