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Article introduction

Yangtao is a kind of very common fruit, it contains rich vitamin C, a lot of people are met when having oral cavity ulcer edible it, if because the vitamin is lacked inside body,be, what had met after edible is very fast. Yangtao sex is cool, acid is sweet goluptious, but the girl that has Gong Han does not eat more, eat much can have algidity accumulationFall in love with sea otter phoenix 419 sauna

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Inside body. The article introduced the attribute of yangtao, do not understand look together.

The attribute of yangtao

 Yangtao is cool sex fruit.

Yangtao pear of renown Yang Tao, cane, Jin Li, carambola, because macaque happy event is fed, get a yangtao so, also have say wool of its peel Fu, look like macaque and get a name. Yangtao belongs to macaque division yangtao to belong to deciduous leaf liana, wide cloth at catchment of our country the Yangtse River with south area and Shaanxi, Henan and area of northwest and other places, much feraller, fructification is berry, shape of egg of be similar in shape, green of brown of fruit short for xipi and erhuang, xiaqiu is mature.

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The attribute of yangtao

Pulp of yangtao fresh fruit is emerald, core milky white, soft and juicily, sweet acid is measurable, faint scent is goluptious, beautiful eat a few, be just as heart of pleasant spring dcA pulls love Shanghai to be the same as a city

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, sweet appear a bottom of the heart, the aftertaste is boundless.

Yangtao is enjoyed ” magical fruit ” ” the coronal of dimension C ” good name, result from it to have extraordinary nutrient value. According to the analysis, its every 100 grams can feed a part to contain sugar 11 grams, protein 1.6 grams, lipoid milligram of C 300 of 0.3 grams, vitamin, phosphor 42.2 milligram, Potassium is 320 milligram, calcicForum of Shanghai noble baby

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56.1 milligram, iron 1.6 milligram, in addition still contain vitamin P.

Of special commend making a person is, a variety of 10 amino acid are contained in yangtao, contains vitamin C is orange 10 times, 30 times of apple and pear.

The attribute of yangtao

Fruit of yangtao since beautiful, it is fine medicine again. Motherland medicine thinks, yangtao sex is cold, flavour pleasant is acerbity, heat having solution, stop thirsty, know drenched effect, advocate treat thirsty of irritated heat, disappear, icteric, Shi Lin, haemorrhoid, to hepatitis, dyspeptic, inappetence, burn the disease such as scald, vomiting the patient is beneficial.

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” say yangtao ” liver is installed in mixing. Advocate yellow bravery1000 beautiful community of Shanghai

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, disappear thirsty. ” ” a book on Chinese medicine opening treasure ” weigh yangtao ” stop cruel thirsty, solve irritated heat, issue Shi Lin. ” folk has ” often eat yangtao, do not tell service all over ” say.

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