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Sea fish is the biology with protein quite rich content, and the flavour of sea fish is different from common flesh kind, a lot of people are met sea fish has a special liking. Value of sea fish nutrition is high, be differred to the constitution or be very helpful for the patient, can promote the refreshment of people body, enhance the battalion of peopleForum of baby of new Shanghai noble

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Raise. And sea fish cooking when must note time, can affect mouthfeel otherwise. So, sea fish after all evaporate how long?

 Sea fish evaporate how long

Different seafood evaporate boils time to differ, below large kitchen is sharedLove Shanghai is the same as a city

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The steamed time of common seafood.

Abalone needs evaporate how long

Abalone basis build size, evaporate 8-10 minute optimal, abalone of big south Africa, big Australia abalone needs evaporate 13-15 minute. Clew: When average person is cleaning abalone, review idiomatic tooth brush is brushed, but such meetings make abalone contractive, pliable but strong of fleshy qualitative change, after boiling not delicious. BigLove Shanghai is the same as city forum

Love Shanghai is the same as a city
Hutch suggests everybody cleans Bao by the following measure1000 beautiful nets of Shanghai

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1, abalone is joined after water Bao, agitate 10 seconds instantly fish out or after involving fire, immerse a bit again fish out. Put into water of the super-cooling in putting water on the ice instantly, cut an abalone meat with small knife next, dirty; of bowel of abalone of conveniently take out

2, put abalone meat at water pouring below faucet finally, use abalone of tooth brush scrub at the same time, can the black above purify abalone meat is foul.

 Sea fish evaporate how long

Shellfish needs evaporate how long

The evaporate of mussel of razor clam, high-ranked imperial concubine boils time to need 4 minutes only. Yuan the optimal evaporate time that boil is shellfish 8 minutes.

Clew: Yuan shellfish belongs to fan shellfish, absorb the heavy metal in seawater very easily, especially splanchnic, clear sordid when, mix splanchnic, germen easily shellfish flesh eats together below. To reduce the heavy metal of shellfish as far as possible, proposal first purify is splanchnic thoroughly cook again. Before boiling first purify is splanchnic (include to digest gland) with germen, use finger nextA pulls love Shanghai to be the same as a city

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Gently the black that rub drops group of limits is foul, take only with the flesh that close case, namely part of plain boiled pork, such ability ensure safe.

The evaporate of other shellfish cooks time

The elephant unplugs mussel young: 4-5 minute.

Lute mussel: 6 minutes (medium build) ;8 minute (big) .

Butterfly mussel: Evaporate 8 minutes.

Spend snail young: 13 minutes.

Jump snail: 15 minutes.

Snail of south Africa lion: 20 minutes.

Shrimp crab needs evaporate how long

Shrimp crab most often be taken evaporate is worn eat. The shrimp evaporate that opens a border boils place to need time the shortest, 5 minutes enough, crab evaporate boils time to want 10 minutes the least, different breed place needs time different.

Open edge langouste young: 8 minutes.

Shrimp of zebra Lai make water: 8 minutes (have cream need 13-15 minute) . Leather skin shrimp (Lai uric shrimp)

Spend crab: 10 minutes (cream crab needs 13-15 minute) .

Yellow cream cover young crab: 10 minutes.

Fleshy crab: 12 minutes.

Weigh leather crab: 12 minutes.

Cream crab: 15 minutes.

Crab of Philippine big stone: 13 minutes.

Canadian crab knead dough wraps crab: 15 minutes.

Japanese wool crab: 15 minutes (1-2 jin weight) .

Japan spends crab: 20 minutes (2-3 jin weight) ;25 minute (4.5 jins – 6 jins of) .

 Sea fish evaporate how long

Hokkaido 3 big crab characteristic

Other seafood

8 ungual fish need evaporate 10 minutes, again stew 2 minutes of; put 8 ungual fish into ice next pass in water, such flesh just are met character more bright is fragile.

The evaporate of other fish the time that boil

Stone mussel fish and Huang Lichang: 8 minutes () of 1 jin of weight.

Stone fish: Evaporate of stripping and slicing needs; is whole evaporate 8 minutes 12 minutes () of 1 jin of weight, 15 minutes () of 1.5 jins of weight.

StoneA falls in love with the sea to be the same as a city

A pulls love Shanghai to be the same as a city
Spot: 10 minutes (1 jin of weight) ;13-15 minute () of 1.5 jins of above.

White eel: 12 minutes.

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